Looking for further education courses in the WDB search portal

Find opportunities for vocational training in Berlin

The WDB Berlin offers roughly 36 000 opportunities for further education and vocational training from over 1 000 providers.

Course information is only available in German and research is only possible in the German language.
However, help is provided by the information office of the WDB or in any of Berlin’s counseling centres.
WDB-hotline: 030 28384235, E-mail: info@wdb-berlin.de

Example: You are looking for a German language course.

 1. Type “Deutschkurs” (German language course) into the search bar.


2. Click on “search” (magnifying glass)

3. You will be redirected to the WDB search portal, where courses fitting the profile are listed.

The search results for “Deutschkurs” would look something like this:


4. Click on the title of the course or the small magnifying glass on the right to receive more information about the content of the course and the provider.

5. If you have any further questions about the course you can either send the provider an E-mail or call them on the telephone.

Link for the example search “German language course”:


Helpful settings for the search

Suche English

Good luck with your research in our search engine!